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Financial Leasing Company Registration
Financial leasing company is approved by the management committee of China's banking regulation 
is given priority to with business financing lease business non-bank finance institution. Financial Leasing
company also named as Equipment Leasing company or Modern Leasing company. Refers to the related 
asset ownership of all or most of the risks and rewards of the lease transfer substantially. The ownership 
of assets can be transferred, or can not transfer.

Establishment requirements
・ The total assets of the foreigner investor should be over US $5 million;
・ The registered capital shall be US $10 million;
・ he operation period of a ‘Financial leasing company’ is generally not more than 30 years;
・ With the corresponding professional stuff, senior management should have corresponding 
     professional qualification and  three years experience. 

Scope of Business

 Financial leasing business;
・ Rental business;
・ Buy rental property from home & abroad;
・ Salvage treatment and repair of the leased property;
・ Consultation and guarantee about leasing transaction;
・ Other business which approved by the government.
The "range"about rental property 
・ Production equipment, communications equipment, medical equipment, scientific research equipment, inspection
  and testing equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, office equipment and other property;
・ Aircraft, automobiles, ships and other types of vehicles;
・ Intangible assets two above the movable and traffic tools with software, technology etc, and the value of intangible
     assets with not more than half of the value of the leased property
Required Documents
・ Intangible assets two above the movable and traffic tools with software, technology etc, and the 
     value of intangible assets with not more than half of the value of the leased property;
・ Investor's qualification certificate of entity or natural person's ID card;
・ Directors, supervisors and mangers' appointment documents and ID cards;
・ Legal representative's appointment document and ID card;
・ Certificate on assessment of capital from banks;
・ Lease contract or certificate of title;
・ Documents or certificates from other authorities for examination and approval prior to industry and 
      commerce registration
Required Time
      About 45 workdays