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Joint Venture company formation
Chinese–Foreign Joint Venture Company, sometimes referred to as Chinese-foreign cooperative  enterprise,  it is established by foreigners (or overseas company) and China company in accordance with Eterprise laws of Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures and Enterprise Laws of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Joint Ventures.  Generally the proportion of foreign investor should no less than 25%, China investor should be a company. Considering the characteristics of this company, it is more appropriate for the foreign investor who has suitable China partners, which is good to capitalise mutual strengths while helping to develop the business and market in China.
Comparing to WOFE, its advantage to foreign investors is convenient to capture China market and even enter into some limited areas/ industries through cooperate with China partner, such as, education, Accounting Firm, Human Resources agency (HR agent).
Preferential policy in PuDong New Area in Shanghai: According to the latest preferential policy in Pudong, the China partner could be natural individual if you setup your enterprise there, please feel free to contact us if you need more information about it.

Registered Capital

・ From March 1st  2014, the government cancel the request of paid-in register capital. In some area, the government cancel the limited request of register capital.

Documents Required

・ Two photocopy of business license of the investing company, which need to be legalized by China Embassy/consulate located in the same country. (If investor is a Hong Kong Company, it should be legalized by China law service (Hong Kong) company limited);
・ One original Bank credit letter of each investing company;
・ The Passport copy of the Legal representative of each investing company;
・ The proportion of the share of each investing company;
・ 3pcs of 1-inch photos and photocopy of the passport or ID card of the legal representative of new company;
・ At least 5 optional of company Chinese names of the new company;
・ Business scope of the new company;
・ Photocopy of the ID card or passport of the supervisor;
・ 2 pcs of office original rental contract and 2 pcs photocopy of real estate certificate (signature or seal of the landlord on the real estate certificate is required);
・ Other documents which required by the government.

Required Time
      About 55 workdays