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Registered Address Service
Under Section 92 (1) of the Companies Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong, every limited company needs to have a registered office in Hong Kong, for maintaining statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledging government's correspondence.
Yosne provides customized Registered Office Service to investors who want to set up a company but have not hired an office space in Hong Kong. This service is conform to the definition of "Registered Address" under the Companies Ordinance, facilitates corporate operation of Hong Kong local and overseas clients, while helping the enterprises to promote their identity and reduce the costs

Our Services:

・ A registered office of the company to be registered with relevant Hong Kong Government departments
・ Collecting letters from the Government departments
・ Client can make use of the registered office at their letter paper and business cards
・ Options for client to print their company name to the directory panel at registered address 

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