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Basic HR services
Basic HR services
Administrative management:
・Registration of subsidiaries and basic account management;
・ Annual license renewal of subsidiaries;
・ Management of subsidiaries’ official seals, financial seals and name seals;
・ Signing of subsidiaries’ office rental contracts;
・ Establishment of subsidiaries’ collective human resource profiles, employee recruitment and other matters;
・ Establishment of subsidiaries’ social insurance accounts and payment of local social security fees;
・ Signing of subsidiaries’ employee labor contracts and settlement of labor disputes. 
HR management :
・ Assume the responsibility as the employer who dispatches employees;
・ Management of employees’ HR profiles and labor contracts;
・ Management, accounting and payment of employees’ salaries;
・ Paying employees’ social insurance;
・ Counting and paying personal income taxes on behalf of employees;
・ Implementation of other employee welfare programs;
・ Settlement of employees’ labor dispute. 
Financial management:
・ Counting, re-counting, management and payment of salaries, taxes, welfare fees and other items;
・ Review and payment of routine business expenses, along with bill filing and management;
・ Customers’ travel expenses application and approval;
・ Assorting, review and payment of customers’ office expenses, rent, utilities, fixed assets and other bills;
・ Registration and management of financial settlement and current accounts;
・ Financial budget, final accounting of revenues and expenditures and financial analysis;
・ Analysis of fund operation conditions;
・ Other matters as agreed upon by both parties. 
Comprehensive functions:
・ Make use of existing human resource databases to gradually build a nation-wide recruitment network for the purpose of coordinating customers’ recruitment operations across the country;
・ Build a management system platform and perform monitoring, maintaining, updating and online management of the platform, thus enabling the management function in its true sense on the basis of existing human resources and financial services;
・ Perform management of personnel profiles, labor contracts and other data/materials;
・ Routine labor management law/regulation consultation and coordinated settlement of labor disputes;
・ Coordinate the relationship between subsidiaries and local governments, to ensure subsidiaries’ lawful operations in an area.